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"She's at peace and yet somehow on fire."

– Samantha King

As the sun rises every day to warm the earth, it also shines light into every living being. I love taking sunrise and sunset photos. As I stand in the early morning darkness, the sunrise awakens my soul as I watch the stars fade into the brightening sky of a new day. The sky starts to fill with an orange glow, reflecting off the morning clouds, and the cool crisp night air becomes the morning's breath, warming Mother Nature. Just as the morning sun comes over the horizon and makes its way across the sky, towards evening the warming fire of the sun is taken back over by the darkening night sky. Just as I felt the sun's warming glow in the morning, I feel the cool of night move back in. I stay in place waiting for the last glimmer of light as it fades into the cool night. In those moments, I reflect on how blessed I am to have witnessed this fire for one more day.

My goal is for my photography to inspire you to see, explore, enjoy and protect our natural world. Commercial photography and fine art prints are just some of the services I provide. I invite you to go on an adventure through these images and if one speaks to you, I encourage you to welcome it into your artwork collection.

I hope these photographs will kindle a fire in you to go out and take time to feel the warmth of a sunrise as the earth awakes. And equally to take time to pause for a brief moment to say goodnight to our fire as it settles back down over the horizon.

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