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Gaston Photo Walks

Each month, we will gather a group of photographers for about an hour and a half to photograph different locations throughout Gaston County. Sites could include downtowns, parks, greenways, museums, and historic sites.

The process is easy. Just sign up below to get announcements of the next Photo Walk. Bring your fancy camera or just your cell phone.  Put on comfortable walking shoes and join us for a casual walk to explore and photograph beautiful, unique, or historic places throughout  Gaston County.  We will spend about an hour and a half slowly exploring the location, discussing the basics of photography, learning new techniques, and socializing with like-minded photographers.

Submit your photos from the walk to Facebook and/or Instagram (#GastonPhotoWalks) after you get them processed and edited. Then, I'll pick my favorite photo from that walk and display it as the cover photo for the Gaston Photo Walks Facebook page. You could have your photo displayed for an entire month (#famous).

Yes, this event is FREE. 

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Gaston Photo Walks 

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