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Welcome to Nelson Stegall Photography's blog and I invite you to come along on an incredible journey with me. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to pursue a career as a professional photographer. I came to a crossroads in life and need to shake things up and boy did I. I was over-stressed, over-worked and burned out on my construction business and felt like I had one foot in the grave. It was time for a major change so in June of 2016, along with my wife Angie, I closed my business, sold almost everything we owned, bought an RV, and hit the road full-time. We had some contracting work to get us started, but our main goal was to see the country, write about our experiences, and document our life with photography.

The contracting job has ended, and we have had some ups and downs, but we are making it happen. I have taken my foot out of the grave, my photography is improving, and we are heading to Alaska on May 8th of 2018.

I want to take you along to explore the life of a budding photographer. I will be posting pictures of my life on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. I will be sharing tips, tricks, and educational information on my blog, so don’t forget to sign up on the home page. I promise not to overwhelm you with emails and never sell your information.

I will be out searching in the nooks and crannies to find the seldom seen – those things the masses are overlooking. I will be slowing down and waiting for the right moment in time, waiting on the warm sun to gently kiss the morning dew or waiting for the breeze to drop the fall leaves in their proper places. Mother Nature has created the perfect moments in time and I want to preserve those in photographs.

Now that I have redefined my life and have had time slow down myself, I want to share my experiences with you. I want my landscape photography to make you feel like you are there. I also want you to learn how to see the beauty in all things, explore the unexplored in your life, and to get out of your comfort zone.

We have taken a job as campground hosts on the Kenai Peninsula in the small town of Moose Pass. I lived in Alaska for five years and I am looking forward to returning to the area. I have also take a part-time job, but photography will be my main focus.

Please come along on this long-awaited adventure as I start my photography career. Sign up to receive emails about upcoming adventures, news in the photography world, tips, tricks and How To's as well as personal stories from life on the road. For even more info on how I got here, please visit

I look forward to planning a photo adventure or photo shoot for you or to have you purchase a beautiful landscape photograph from me. Even if you do none of those things, I'd love for you to join me and have a cup of coffee and some conversation on the road somewhere.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to our paths crossing some day.

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Nelson “Yukon” Stegall

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