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Guided Photography Tours

Are you looking to improve your photography skills? Are you wanting to get into that out of the way place for the photograph no one else has? Or maybe you just want to come along with me on a photography scouting trip.

I am always looking for new places to photograph and regularly get in the car and go explore. I mostly head to the mountains and waterfalls, but I can regularly be found in city parks and doing street photography in small towns.

After booking a Photo Tour we will set up a time the have a phone conversation to discuss your goals for the Photo Tour. If you do not have any location ideas, I will be happy to throw out some suggestions. All tours are private but can be opened to two additional people, so your spouse, buddy, or some stranger you have never meet can book a spot, too. All Photo Tours include transportation from Gastonia (or predetermined location), water and snacks, hands on personal learning and me, your humorous tour guide. All Tours are also open to nonphotographers who just want to get back into nature. All Tours are also open the all humans, aliens, dreamers and four-legged companions with prior approval.

Want some ideas for VIP photography tours? 

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VIP Long Day Photography Tour

Been there done that?  What’s next? Me too!  If you are tired of following the masses to take the same picture, let’s get off the beaten path. The masses do not wander too far from the parking lot. Let’s pack a lunch and go photograph the hidden waterfall we kayaked into, explore the backcountry of a lesser-used trail or spending a lazy afternoon watching the sun sink into the horizon.

Tour includes 8 to 10 hours of personal photography time, water, snacks, lunch, and transportation from downtown Gastonia, NC. Tours can be scheduled 7 days a week if my schedule allows. Tours can be scheduled as early as 3:30am and end no later than 11:00pm. These hours have been set to accommodate sunrise or sunset photography and travel time depending on location.

                                                                                                                                        1 person $575ea                     2 people $525ea                       3 people $475ea

VIP Short Day Photography Tour

Are you looking to expand your photography knowledge? Let’s go visit a local park, downtown or any other interesting place! We will spend time talking about the importance of good composition, the basics of using a camera, the power of natural light, and any other off the wall topic that comes up.

Tour includes 4 to 5 hours of personal photography time, water and snacks, and transportation from downtown Gastonia, NC. Tours can be scheduled 7 days a week if my schedule allows. AM tours can start as earlier as 5am and but will end no later than 12 noon. PM Tours can start no earlier than 1pm and end no later than 9pm.4 to 5 hours Up to 3 people


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  1 person $250ea                       2 people $225ea                       3 people $200ea                                                                                            

Multi-Day Guided Photography Trips

VIP Multi-Day Adventure Tour

Float the New or French Broad Rivers (thought to be the second and third oldest rivers in the world). Choose to go in the Autumn for colors to be out in full force. The opportunity might also present a local black bear getting ready for hibernation, deer nibbling the last of the summer’s growth, or a bald eagle (who are making a slow come back to the area). A multi-day adventure moves at a slower pace and gives you lots of photographic opportunities.

Call or email for pricing 

VIP Scouting Photography Tour

Did you just read or see something about a place that looks cool? Me, too! Let’s go check it out. Yep, I have a lot of those bookmarked on my computer and for whatever reason, I haven’t gone (yet). What are you doing tomorrow? It looks like you are coming down with a 24-hour bug. Me too! Let’s go check off one of those locations and see what there is to photograph. It could be a bust or you might end up with a spectacular or unusual photograph to hang on your wall.

The tour includes up to 6 hours of personal photography time, water, and transportation from downtown Gastonia, NC. Tours can be scheduled 7 days a week if my schedule allows. Tours can be scheduled as early as 7:00am and but will end no later than 9:00pm. I will also be announcing my last-minute Scouting Tours on social media and via email to my list (you are on my list, right?). Make sure you are signed up and follow us. Feel free to bring your own snacks and lunch, or we will find some local diner for a home cooked meal.

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Up to 3 people $150ea

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Thank you for contacting Nelson Stegall Photography. You email is very important to me and I try and answer emails within 24 hours. However, I do spend a lot of time in the field outside of cell and internet service. Please be patient as it could take up to a week or more depending on whether I'm already out on a trip or in the office. Thanks again for contacting me and I'll be back in touch soon.

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