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"If you are a drop of water, then you will evaporate halfway; but if you go as a river, you will surely reach the ocean."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

Plunge your finger into a glass of water. Did it hurt? Now imagine that soft, cool sensation carving the depths of the Grand Canyon with an unstoppable force.

Put that glass of water in the freezer. After a time, the water becomes impenetrable by your finger…it also creates such wonders as Yosemite Valley.

I have spent a substantial portion of my life on the water. I have been blessed to slowly float the mostly lazy waters of the French Broad river through North Carolina into Tennessee. I have guided whitewater rafting trips lasting four wild days on the New River in West Virginia. Exciting rides down the Gauley River saw me guiding brave clients during the fall release of Summersville Lake in West Virginia. And I bravely rowed the Colorado River for 225 miles as it plunged down a mile through the length of Grand Canyon National Park.

I am regularly on some body of water somewhere, sitting in my boat, floating effortlessly downstream as the world goes by, generally without a care in the world. I believe our waterways are the life-giving veins of our world. Water provides all living things a cool drink on a sweltering day as rain, and then penetrates deep into the earth for long-term sustainability.

My goal is for my photography to inspire you to see, explore, enjoy and protect our natural world. Commercial photography and fine art prints are just some of the services I provide. I invite you to go on an adventure through these images and if one speaks to you, I encourage you to welcome it into your artwork collection.

As you look through this portfolio, I ask you to think about how the most powerful force in the world can conform to any shape yet lie quietly at your feet. Over time, water has slowly changed the world, just by being itself.

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